Clinic operations,
without the busyness

Automate your clinic’s front office,
so you can focus on what matters most.

Is the staffing crunch affecting your clinic?

Omaiven creates turnkey technology solutions for clinics that drive both purpose and profit

Smart automation technology

Omaiven is healthcare's all-in-one automation solution.

Omaiven's turnkey solutions for clinics drive purpose and profit: preventing burnout & staffing crunches, connecting disparate systems, and improving patient relationships.

Omaiven’s technology is SMART!


Clinic workflows need an upgrade

Featured solution: Smart call center automation

With Omaiven’s smart call center solution, clinics leverage automation to offload call center volume, streamline scheduling, and deliver 24/7 access.

Smart Call Center

Smart Call Center


Smart Call Center

Self Scheduling

Smart Call Center

Confirmation &

Smart Front Desk

Smart Front Desk

Register, Intake, & Screen

Smart Front Desk

Data Entry &

Smart Front Desk

AI & Staff Texting

Smart Care Manager

Smart Care Manager

Care Gap Closure

Smart Care Manager

Video Visits

Smart Care Manager

Quality Portal Updates

Omaiven builds trust with our patients. Their technology is our most productive and accurate team member.

Director, Patient Access

Community Health Center

Patient needs and call center volume continue to stretch our teams, in a post COVID world. We wouldn't have made it through these times without Omaiven.

Chief Executive Officer

Community Clinic

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Omaiven has superhero level integration skills!

That's the joy of working with Omaiven, we've taken the heavy lift away from your internal teams so you can enjoy the value of automation within weeks -- rather than 6+ month integrations with traditional solutions. We can connect via APIs, and have flexibility to work with less advanced products with as little as a username & password. Bring your own apps... EHR, IVR / Calltree, and more!

Omaiven makes it easy for you to remove busy work, complete manual tasks, and move data between your apps without being a developer. Our use cases are built to drive value from day one, and have room for customization based upon your unique needs.

If you're tired of buying one-off solutions that struggle with integrations, Omaiven is the right partner for you. Leveraging automation allows you to simplify your tech stack, reduce "swivel chair" products, and ensure your solutions work together for the greater good.

Omaiven makes the onboarding process easy for IT teams too! With our turnkey solutions, you won't need teams of coders or automation engineers. Our technology integrates in weeks, and requires minimal IT time.

Let our team show you how, today.

Let us help remove the busyness & humanize care.

Omaiven is the smart automation solution to repair your clinic's front office. Built specifically to overcome the unique challenges of healthcare, from the safety net and beyond.


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