Smart call center

With Omaiven’s smart call center solution, clinics offload call center volume, streamline scheduling, prevent abandonment, & deliver 24/7 access.

Solving the root cause of the
staffing crunch


The key to improving healthcare’s administrative workflows

Introducing smart automation into the workflows reduces expenses, increases productivity, and removes the risk of human error.

Automation of routine tasks frees your existing team

Work at the top of your license

Provide consistent experiences

Increase job satisfaction

Leverage smart automation to offload call center volume & streamline scheduling

Rapid implementation<br />- go live in weeks!

Rapid implementation
- go live in weeks!

Easy integrations with EHRs & databases

Easy integrations with EHRs & databases

Turnkey intelligence, with<br /> room for customization

Turnkey intelligence, with
room for customization

 Resolve patient needs in<br /> real-time

Resolve patient needs in

Let us show you!

Let us walk you through the ways Omaiven
supports and amplifies your team.

Omaiven is the smart automation solution to repair your clinic's front office. Built specifically to overcome the unique challenges of healthcare, from the safety net and beyond.


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